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Group Therapy

Image by Fallon Michael
Group can be an authentic, compassionate place to go deeper than general advice from friends and the internet. We break down barriers of patterns, judgment, shame and guilt. We improve communication, acknowledge needs and appreciate strengths. Group members, even kids, have choices about how we use the time. Expressive art and games can playfully solve problems.  
Recently, the need for mental health services has increased beyond the current supply. I’m passionate about effectively helping more people through groups. I’ve facilitated therapy groups for children, teens and adults as a student intern and also since 2017 as a licensed counselor in many settings: outdoors, with whole families, at grief camp, around a circle in a traditional office and yes, of course, online.

For questions, enrollment, or to set up a free 20 minute phone consult just click the contact button below.

Game Day for Innovators


Child Activity
A Neurodiversity Affirming
Social Skills Group 

The best type of person for this group:
  • Wants to feel included and confident
  • Needs encouragement & strengths-building
  • Struggles in group settings like school and teams
  • Can try fast paced simple games + open creative time too
  • Willing to be silly, solve problems or strategize together
  • Any gender welcome
  • Age 5-10 years
  • May have a diagnosis like ADHD, Autism, OCD
  • Has an incredible, unique brain!
Group Goals:
  • Increase communication skills like verbal expression of emotion
  • Promote awareness of body & sensory needs
  • Practice sportsmanship & relationship building
  • Increase flexibility through roles of leader & follower
  • We're flexible to sensory regulation needs
  • No shame or masking required
  • Investment cost: $80 per group meeting
  • Location: 3407 Slaughter Lane Ste C Austin, TX 78748
  • Time: 10a-12p 
  • Sat. June 15 & 22, Sat. July 13 & 20
  • Sign up for one or all days
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