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Play Therapy

Does your child have aggressive behavior, frequent nightmares, unhappy relationships, say scary things or seem to get in trouble a lot? I can help you understand their inner experience, respond to behavior, and feel reconnected. Working with kids early prevents future problems. And it helps caregivers feel less guilty, overwhelmed, reactive & scared. Behavior is communication & kids who feel good, do good. I specialize in very young children (ages 3-6) who are sensitive or aggressive. 
Play therapy uses play & toys as the first language of children, much like talk therapy with adults uses words. When kids finish play therapy, they usually use more words to describe their feelings. Parents feel more confident with less worry and more knowledge. Adults can "be with" not battle. 
This big world confuses little kids, who are adjusting to major life events like death, accidents, relocations, hospitalization, crime and more. And parenting can be exhausting, stressful work! You wonder how to teach them or what to ignore. Kids thrive with structure and freedom, but how do you do it?

To move forward or have a free 20 minute phone consultation, click below and we'll get started. For more details visit the FAQ page.
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