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Therapist Events & More

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My retreats, consultations and trainings are intentionally created to be immersive and community-oriented, informed by my values of compassion, acceptance, freedom and creativity. Learning how to do our jobs well is in the best interest of our clients and leads to improved personal efficacy.

If you're new to the field, a graduate student in training, stuck with a play therapy client, want advice on launching a practice or are looking for other counseling-career-related support, please hit the contact button so we can schedule a quick, free call. If we both feel I can help by providing a consultation meeting online or in person, my rates are: $100/1 hour. 


Peer Support Group

I'm proud to lead this monthly group for those who are members of Therapy for Therapists Collective. We encourage one another, take steps toward healing, and those with recent losses or grief bursts are centered in the conversation. For more of their offerings, I encourage you to check out the collective's site! 

Therapist Mini Retreats

Inkling retreats offer options to be alone, reflective, engaged, artsy, silly, zen and/or whatever else your heart needs in a loosely structured format. You’ll walk away refreshed, refilled, and resourced. We’ve all heard the saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Healers need a lot to keep our cups full. Sometimes self care means: regular dentist check-ups, quiet bubble baths, prioritizing exercise, checking off ethics CE's, but SOMETIMES self care is playing, laughing, creating, and snuggling a cute furry friend with people who understand this intimate work. Keep scrolling to see for yourself & get details on upcoming retreats.

From Past Retreats

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