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Providing Encouragement with Care

Individual Therapy

Feelings are hard to express in words. Problems seem larger than life. And many needs are tough to identify, but creativity helps us express and understand.
With teens I practice developmentally appropriate expressive arts like poetry, painting, collage and sand tray. These methods are grounded in decades of research, my graduate training, experience with trauma, continuing education and feedback from families like yours.

Wheat Field

Group Therapy

Group is an authentic, compassionate place to go deeper than general advice from friends and the internet. We’ll break down barriers of patterns, judgment, shame and guilt. We’ll improve communication, acknowledge needs and appreciate strengths. Group members, even kids, have choices about how we use the time. Expressive art and games can playfully solve problems. 

Play Therapy

Does your child have aggressive behavior, frequent nightmares, unhappy relationships, say scary things or seem to get in trouble a lot? I can help you understand their inner experience, respond to behavior, and feel reconnected. 

Painting Equipments

For Helpers

We’ve all heard the saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Therapists are people too. We need to be knowledgable and sometimes we need a break. Self care can mean: regular dentist check-ups, quiet bubble baths, prioritizing exercise, BUT SOMETIMES self care is playing, laughing, creating, and snuggling a cute furry friend. I intend to serve counselors, social workers, helpers & healers through immersive trainings and playful retreats.

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